15 ottobre 2017
1 ottobre 0201

I Am The Revolution

DIRECTOR Benedetta Argentieri
PRODUCTION Possibile Film, Rai Cinema, Lorenzo Gangarossa, Les Films d’Ici (co-production)
PRODUCERS Claudio Jampaglia, Elizabeth Pauker
SYNOPSIS This documentary focuses on feminist revolutions taking place in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, by looking at three women and the movements around them, and how they are leading the way for a new future for women in their countries. These three countries - Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan - are all countries torn by decades of war, and, according to international index, the worst places on earth to live as a woman. They are filling the vacuum created by perennial conflict and crippled governments with the objective of creating a different society.
LENGHT/FORMAT 75 min., Full HD, color
STATUS Final Shooting in January 2018
First Copy in May 2018