I am The Revolution
4 gennaio 2017


DIRECTOR Claudio Jampaglia, Davide Bonaldo
PRODUCTION Possibile Film, Start, AlaBianca
PRODUCERS Riccardo Annoni
SYNOPSIS Plants are the 97,7% of the bio-mass of the Planet, permit us to breath and live, contributing in every human needs. They are the oldest, long-lasting, more resistant, adaptable, low-consumption, productive and less polluting living being available on earth. They have all records. So why did not we protect, multiply, imitate them? Because they are "vegetable" that means – since right now – with no soul and thought. The humans represent the 0,01% of the Planet but they placed themselves at the center of the universe, as a sole rational and moral authority. But we are wrong. Because plants think, memorize and solve problems just like us, but in different ways and time. In this documentary, we will tell you the recent discoveries of the neurobiological botanic withe the scientists are leading it, with an original music-show, bringing you into the heart of the only necessary revolution for our survive.
LENGHT/FORMAT 70 min., Full HD, color
STATUS Preproduction and Screenplay.